For the past 2 years The Fitness Hub has been supporting several schools with their physical education program. The programme has supported and developed both young athletes and individuals aiming to train for health and wellbeing.


The personalised programs are developed to meet the needs of both school and the individuals within your groups. Following a collaborative meeting, the students’ needs will be highlighted to ensure that a positive experience is gained by all. The Fitness Hub will then complete a 6 week training block that will be structured around the needs of the group. introducing strength, conditioning and functional fitness to me your agreed needs


The 6 week term time program will cover the core fundamental movements within functional fitness. The students will be introduced to strength, conditioning and functional fitness to meet your agreed needs. Within this, the students will develop both practical and theoretical knowledge of the squat series, the press series, deadlifting and the basics of Olympic lifting (snatch & power clean).

These compound movements form the bases of our all of the key strength movements.

Within the conditioning element of the program we look at body weight movements, gymnastics and cardiovascular endurance with the aid of elite our fitness equipment. This will help us gain an understanding of the three energy systems that are used during training sessions.

All abilities and fitness levels welcome

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