Take part in the 30-day meal plan challenge with GSN Nutrition and receive 10% off as a member of The Fitness Hub Cheltenham (discount code available from reception).

GSN meal plans can help;

Improve Performance
Weight/Fat Loss
Increase Strength
Increase Lean Muscle


GSN offer an initial consultation to find out a bit more about you personally so that they can tailor a plan specifically for you. Here are a few examples of questions you can expect us to be asked:

What is your age, gender, height and weight?
Do you know your current body fat % (approximately)
What type of exercise do you do & frequency?
What are your fitness goals?
What is your current diet like?

After the consultation GSN will go away and create your very own personalised meal plan(s) based on all the information you have provided. You’ll then receive access to your very own account where you can log in and view plan details, including what, when and how much to eat in order to work towards your goal.

GSN encourage regular contact with the customer to ensure they’re progressing throughout the use of their plan.